Lyle & Scott

Knit Text Hat and Scarf

£65.00 Item No - HE803A + SV800A

For the everyday style guru

You know the guy, Mr Coordination, his belt always matches his shoes, and his socks often match his jumper. Now his scarf and hat can match too. Available in three different colours, there’s something to suit any taste.

Lyle & Scott

Mouline Socks

£20.00 Item No - SK803A

For the practical man

When you were younger, receiving socks felt like a punishment but now a good pair can be a welcome stocking filler. Our mouline socks are luxurious and supremely comfortable, who wouldn’t appreciate a pair on Christmas morning!?

Lyle & Scott

Junior Flannel Shirt

£48.00 - £50.00 Item No - LSC0305

For the little style icons (or their parents)

No child dreams of receiving clothes on Christmas day - but their parents definitely do! A miniature version of our menswear classic, available for ages 2 - 15, and a great way to dress like dad.

Lyle & Scott

Craigielaw Stripe Polo Shirt

£60.00 Item No - SP650G

For the golfer who needs to up their game.

Not only is the Craigielaw designed with everything the modern golfer needs on the course (UV Protection, Moisture wicking, and more), it’s also designed in a striking striped pattern. Meaning he can up his style as he lowers his handicap.

Lyle & Scott

Knitted Tracksuit

£200.00 Item No - TR775SP + ML779SP

For the man who’s “going to start getting active”

We all know that guy, every year his resolution is to “get more active”. Make sure he does it in style with our innovative Knitted Tracksuit. You never know, wearing this tracksuit, it might actually be a resolution he sticks to.

Lyle & Scott

MacIntyre Running Jacket

£75.00 Item No - JK777SP

For the man who wants to “get into running”

Tell them to put their money where their mouth is (in a nice way) with our McIntyre Running Jacket. Now they’ve got no excuse.

Lyle & Scott

Golf Yarrow Jacket

£250.00 Item No - JK330G

For the serious golfer

Our Yarrow Jacket is perfect for the man who won’t let anything keep him off the course. Fully waterproof for the most extreme conditions, this jacket will be a serious treat for any serious golfer.

Lyle & Scott

Knitwear (Lambswool Blend)

£70.00 Item No - KN803V

For the man who loves his knitwear

Give him our new Lambswool blend to add to his collection. Available in four different colours, and crafted from a comfortable lambswool/merino blend, this is a piece of knitwear that will bring joy for many Christmases to come.

Lyle & Scott

Wadded Funnel Neck Jacket

£120.00 Item No - JK800V

For the men serious about style

This is so much more than just a practical choice, the jacket is available in three colours, there’s something to suit everyone. The timeless design of this jacket won’t just see him through this Christmas in style, but many more to come as well.