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Our second collaboration with the Manchester-based Oi Polloi consists of six Italian-made mohair cardigans and is a joint love letter to cultural movements, such as the Rudeboys of the ‘60s and ‘70s, and the B-Boys of the ‘80s.

Who is Oi Polloi?

Launching in 2002, Oi Polloi’s Manchester shop has become the go-to shop for fans of premium menswear.

Since its opening, Oi Polloi has emerged as an institution among those with a penchant for menswear and fashion in general. The shop has become a brand in itself, acting as an authority in fashion and helping customers discover widely respected labels from England and the rest of the world.

We closely associate with Oi Polloi’s love of clothing and the cultural movements that influence fashion. This shared appreciation led us to collaborate on some wonderful mohair cardigans last year and we’re delighted to be back for part two this year – delivering mohair to the people once again…

Why did we collaborate?

One of the things we love about Oi Polloi and its co-founders, Nigel Lawson and Steve Sanderson, is their awareness of different cultural changes and how they’ve impacted clothing trends.

This latest collaboration, which is inspired by the Jamaican Rudeboys of the ‘60s, the Bronx B-Boys of the 80s and Italian Americans’ love of knitwear, is proof that Oi Polloi knows a thing or two when it comes to what looks good.

Steve Sanderson explains the inspiration behind the collaboration…

“Rudeboys in the late ‘60s, all the way through to the ‘80s and ‘90s would wear these types of cardigans all the time. So we thought we’d do one and make it out of mohair – make it lux.

“I remember the ones these chaps used to wear looking sharp, but they’d always be made from a really cheap, electric shock-type of acrylic. We wanted to take this time-honoured style and do it justice with high-quality fabrics…as well as some pretty killer colours. These earthy, pastel colours and the argyle pattern are inspired by Kurt Cobain, the majestic sport of golf, Italy…we’ve taken super-comfy casual hoodlum garb and crossed that with a very British, Rudeboy, Soulboy flavour”.

This passion for clothing is something we can connect with, because although to some they’re just pieces of knitwear, the story behind these cardigans – where they come from, who inspired them, and how and why they’ve been made – means so much more to us.

What can you expect from the collaboration?

As with our previous collaboration, this latest collection with Oi Polloi Manchester centres around knitwear – specifically, the mohair cardigan from last year.

This capsule features six cardigans, including four argyle cardigans, two of which are collared as a tribute to the Rudeboys of the ‘60s, and two monochrome cardigans in bay blue and pale mist colourways.

To stay true to those who influenced the cardigans, including the thrift-store stylings of Kurt Cobain, the cardigans are available in an oversized fit, which makes the pieces perfect for winter layering.

Although the Lyle & Scott x Oi Polloi collection of mohair cardigans is no longer available on site, you can still explore our selection of high-quality men’s cardigans below…

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