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Panini and Lyle & Scott are two brands closely connected with football. With the Italian sticker and merchandise brand celebrating its 60th birthday, we teamed up to celebrate Panini’s diamond anniversary…  

Who is Panini?

If you don’t know who Panini is, where have you been? Panini football stickers are iconic and have been hugely popular since they produced their first FIFA World Cup sticker album for the 1970 World Cup.  

Panini was founded in Modena, Italy, in 1961 by brothers Benito and Giuseppe Panini. Since then, it’s become a household name, creating merchandise for many world-renowned franchises, such as Toy Story, Fortnite, the Premier League and NBA.  

As a brand that’s been at the forefront of fashion for over 140 years, we understand the importance of history and celebrating it. Panini’s birthday is the perfect reason to celebrate the brand, how Panini stickers make us feel, and how they’ve put smiles on the faces of people of all ages for 60 years… 

It’s Panini’s rich history and obvious passion for sport that we best associate with, and what led us to collaborate with the iconic Italian brand. 

Why did we collaborate?

Panini and Lyle & Scott have built strong links with football over the years, whether that’s being the football sticker of choice, or the fashion brand of choice for casuals on the terraces.  

We’re also huge fans of Panini football stickers and the nostalgia associated with opening a pack and trying our best to place them perfectly into our sticker albums.  

Our Head of Design, Josh Hughes, feels particularly nostalgic about Panini stickers: “I remember collecting my pocket money every Sunday and going to the local corner shop with my brother to purchase my pack of Panini stickers. We would eagerly watch each other open our packets, before we frantically negotiated deals, in the pursuit of completing our Panini albums.” 

What can you expect from the collaboration?

Lyle & Scott X Panini binds a historic clothing brand with a global leader in collectables, celebrating the high-quality products that both are famous for with the iconic spell-out and knight Panini logos, alongside our equally iconic Golden Eagle.  

This is a collection where stickers and shinies meet classic Lyle & Scott T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and sweatpants. Each piece is made from 100% organic cotton and is available in four autumnal colours – navy, olive, jet black and mid grey marl – so you can coordinate pieces or mix and match to wear the collaboration your way.  

To further pay homage to Panini and replicate the joy of opening a fresh packet of Panini football stickers, the pieces in this collaboration all come with special sticker sets and packaging.  

Ben Gunn, our Brand Director, explained the importance of celebrating Panini: “Panini’s intrinsic link with football is something which we felt would connect with so many of our customers, as the brand transcends location, and evokes childhood memories of growing up and collecting stickers amongst your friends and loved ones.” 

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