“This season’s collection is where we reflect on our past, reframe our current, and reposition our future. Autumn // Winter 23 firmly presents an elevated aesthetic, underpinned by essential silhouettes and craftsmanship for our modern customer”

For our Autumn // Winter 23 collection, our message is one of staying true to our roots and exploring the deep history around us. The unearthing of a vintage Lyle & Scott embroidered knitwear piece featuring a ski insignia ignited our journey into discovering our connection to skiing in Scotland. Skiing is a historically popular pastime and one that is famously inclusive, welcoming beginners and experts alike. Whether you’re just starting out on your ski education, looking for the double black diamond run or more into the leisurely side of après ski, there is something for everyone on the slopes.

Winter 23 Design Concepts

Exploring the borders from our humble beginnings we highlight the unique and important part of Scotland’s cultural heritage that is The Common Riding. An event that celebrates the community and honours heritage and tradition, it brings people together in a way that few other events can. Collegiate crests inspired by our roots in the Hawick allows us to connect with our legacy and expand our branding devices in the right way. This centuries old tradition allows us to explore the past and bring modernisation to classic and recognisable silhouettes. Colours are rich and considered, muted and wearable tones inspired by the colours surrounding the Common Riding celebrations.


Winter 23 CAD Overviews


Winter 23 Presenters


Beyond Borders

Scotland isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of Skiing, but we want to show everyone that Lyle & Scott and Scotland itself, have an integral part to play within this world. There is a rich heritage in the Scottish slopes and with skiing in Scotland. We concentrate on three different well known Scottish peaks for each of the three drops: Glenshee, Cairngorm and Glencoe. Each with their own identity and story that can bring something distinctive to our collections.

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Considering the role we have played in Scottish knitwear, and looking at traditional textiles, we have evolved these techniques to create a story that everyone can relate to. We go on to tell these stories throughout each drop. Referencing our impressive history spanning over 148 years in garment manufacturing we can bring a traditional sense to our modernised collection.


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In 2018 a new full price retail franchise model was launched by the brand to complement its existing retail portfolio. Due to significant requests internationally we have developed a retail concept that can be bespoke to both mall and high street locations internationally. Through our experience in delivering high performing shop in shop concepts our in house design and external development team can competently open stores globally throughout the year.

POS Technical Drawings

While a growing number of our sales are delivered through online channels, the physical retail space continues to deliver the lion’s share of our revenue. It also continues to be our primary channel to engage our consumers at the point of purchase in ways that are compelling, interactive and engaging. 

So with this year’s POS catalogue our aim is to continue to provide in-store solutions for all retail formats and leverage our iconic Lyle & Scott golden eagle to create maximum brand presence.


Range Segmentation

To grow the commercial base of the business via segmentation, whilst improving key relationships, external perception and the narrative that surrounds the brand.


Business Update

We view Autumn // Winter 23 as the prelude to the 150th year. It will be a year of celebration, a culmination of the hard work, a celebration of key moments in our past, an opportunity to share exciting projects with existing partners and customers, but also to bring new and exciting ideas to the market.

This season we begin to turn the dial, expect the unexpected.


Our Brand Vision

For everyone in the world to proudly own a piece of Lyle & Scott.

148 Years

About the Brand