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“As we begin to celebrate our 150th year at Lyle & Scott we kick off with our Spring 24 collection titled “Thistle Club”. This Vintage Collection is one that celebrates our heritage of 150 years and the history of the community that brought us here today.”

Nial Conlan, Commercial Director

Elevator Pitch

Our elevator pitch is a concise way to provide context to the six pillars of our Brand. Consistency is key. If someone asks you to describe the brand, this is it

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About the Brand

In times of uncertainty, people need brands and partners that they can trust. Lyle & Scott have 150 years of heritage to be proud of, but more than that, we have a vision for the future, bigger and better than today.

Driven by our vision, “For every person in the world to proudly own a piece of Lyle & Scott”, we are democratic in our choices, the dog to the rhino, but determined to make a difference, we must add value, to our retail partners and consumers alike. Our Mission is to be the leading premium British menswear brand globally and this is only possible by working together, demanding the best, and holding ourselves to the highest of standards.

We will protect and elevate the brand, continue to claim space and build our presence. We will continue to make more sustainable choices and engage the next generation of Lyle & Scott customers through kidswear, and we will excite and engage with locally relevant content and partnerships.

Dare to be brave. Dare to be innovative. Dare to win.



Attract new customers, provide a point of difference and give retailers a level of exclusivity, whilst protecting our greatest asset, the golden eagle. Segmentation isn’t a nice to have, it’s a necessity. It makes the brand more interesting, provides greater balance to revenue streams and talks to new audiences.

This season see’s the ongoing expansion of branding devices, through tonal eagle and embroidery, and the development of Premium Vintage collection. There are new seasonal graphics and a commitment to more sustainable decisions in our product choices.


Brand Guidelines

Lyle & Scott has a history as diverse and rich as it’s British heritage. With a leading role in so many different cultural, sartorial and sporting movements, and a story that spans generations, it’s no wonder that the brand can mean something different depending on who you ask. This book is to aid in telling this story, and to guide the pages still being written by the champions and ambassadors of the brand today. 

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Spring 24 Landing Page

The following link will contain everything of relevance from Seasonal Launch.

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Available & Dropped Styles

The colour story guide is designed to help with the division of the collection on the shop floor and within showrooms. This Colour Story Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the Visual Merchandising standards. This is a non-seasonal guide that will outline authorised display techniques and standards for the shop floor. Use colour blocks on the right of each spread to find items in the collection that can be displayed together. For more information, contact brand@lyleandscott.com


Autumn 24 Concepts

Overview of Autumn 24 design concepts, showing theme, inspirations and colour palettes.


Celebrating 150 Years

A milestone to be proud of. This is not a mirror to our past, but a springboard to the future. We may be 150 years old, but we are just getting started.

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Our Brand Vision

For every person in the world to proudly own a piece of Lyle & Scott.


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